Fully automatic filter press delivers drier solids

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

ProFilco introduces a new, innovative, fully automatic filterpers.
An operator is only required for changing the full containers.
•Drier filter cake and a higher capacity through optimal use of membrane filter elements and control system, filtercurve and drying functions.
•Sealed filter elements and a seal test prior to each filter cycle prevent leakage. This results in ultra solids discharge, a drip plate is obsolete
•Operator intervention is not required which allows 24 h operation including start, stop, dry, wash, discharge and re-start. .

Conventional or fully automatic.
The AF fully automatic filter presses of the German based Aquachem GmbH, in Holland represented by ProFilco BV, take care of the draw backs known of most other filter presses, as they feature sealed filter elements and advanced PLC-control.
Visual judgement by an operator is not required to determine that the cycle is completed and the pres is ready for restart. Mistakes are prevented and the environment stays clean.

Steer to the best result
The sealed filter elements help to keep the machine clean. De producer has developed a special control system: sensors, the PLC and the operator screen regulate i.e. the feeding pump. Safety of men and machine as well as the clean operation are guaranteed, even at changing circumstances, keeping the filtration result at its optimum..
Changes in flow or consistency of the feed are detected and the cycle is adapted to ensure that the quality of the filter cake will match the desired result.
For various parameters (capacity, energy consumption/ wear, DSC) the desired filter curve can be followed.

No personel
Operators are practically redundant. The automatic filter press can work 24 h per day without intervention. An operator is only required for changing the full containers or big bags for the filter cake – or the press will stop – , and for a daily visual check. The supplier advises further to wipe the seals clean once per week. .

Low cost
The filter machines are highly standardized through which their production is very efficient and allows for very quick repairs. This, and other factors like longer life of filter cloth and almost no labour cost keep operational expenses very low. The investment pays off not only for new installations or expansion, but even when replacing existing filtration equipment.

Aquachem and ProFilco
Aquachem GmbH from southern Germany develops and builds these filter presses. There is a wide scope of delivery, ranging from small and simple manual operated versions to the large and fully automated systems. Aquachem strictly follows its own philosophy regarding execution and methods, like modularity and standardization. . Aquachem is represented by ProFilco BV, Hoogeveen in the Netherlands.

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