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30 December 2022
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At Foeth, we don’t only talk about sustainability, we ‘breathe’ sustainability. And, above all, we act upon it, which has now been confirmed by renowned decarbonization platform Greencast.

Circularity and sustainability are at the core of what we do. By buying premium high-quality machines, we prevent machines from ending up at the scrapyard. And by selling those used machines to new owners, we ensure that no new equipment will have to produced. Result: less CO2 emissions from producing or demolishing machines.

Helping the climate

While we’ve always known that our operations help to lower the global carbon dioxide emissions, we wanted to get a more precise insight in our carbon footprint and impact. By doing so, we can establish how we can contribute even more to a healthy climate and atmosphere. That’s why we’ve asked renowned platform Greencast to measure our CO2 footprint of 2021. As a result, we’re proud to announce that Greencast has recognised Foeth as a Climate Actor, because we’re actively taking steps to contribute to a healthier climate and atmosphere.

Let’s go carbon neutral

Greencast has calculated that Foeth has prevented a total of 4,341 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2021 by making sure equipment is reused. And since 2015, we’ve avoided more than 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere.
Furthermore, we have gained important insights and have drafted up an ambitious plan to reduce our emissions even more. We have made the commitment to be carbon neutral in our direct operations by 2025, and are actively looking at ways to further downsize our indirect emissions.

Join us

We’re very happy that more and more companies are opting for high-quality used process machines instead of having new ones built. By doing business with us, you can actively contribute to a healthier climate and atmosphere. Greencast has established that you’ll avoid some 4.43 tonnes of CO2 emissions (per 1000 kg) machine when you buy one of our machines (instead of a new one).

■ Would you look to know more about our sustainable mission? Please visit our website. Here, you’ll also find a live counter, showing you how much CO2 emissions we’ve avoided this year and since 2015, together with our clients and partners.

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