FLOWROX Peristaltic hose pump for transferring type LPP-T

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FLOWROX peristaltic pumps have proven their suitability for a wide range of industries andapplications. Designed for industrial pumping, the LPP-T pump is ideal for slurries with high solid content, abrasive, corrosive, viscous and crystallizing media.

Size range: LPP-T25, LPP-T32, LPP-T40, LPP-T50,LPP-T65, LPP-T80, LPP-T100
Flow capacity: Up to 100 m3/h• Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar
Standard drive unit: Helical bevel geared motor
Auxiliaries: Pressure transmitter, revolution detector,hose leakage detector, connectorhoses
Frequency inverters
The pump can also be equipped with a parallel shaftgeared motor

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