Fike Launches Bidirectional Explosion Diverter

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Fike has introduced a bidirectional explosion diverter to enhance its range of passive explosion protection equipment. The explosion diverter – also referred to as back flash interrupter or explosion decoupler – will enable the protection of new and existing vessels to be validated using a passive device. There are 9 nominal sizes available for the Fike explosion diverter, ranging from DN100 to DN600. As standard explosion vents are not suitable for this application, Fike offers a third-party-tested and -approved non-fragmenting explosion vent certified for use on this type of device.

The bulged vent ensures a smooth flow diversion; coupled with low burst pressure and inertia, the diverter will provide a low risk of flame propagation beyond the diverter. If a deflagration is allowed to propagate through a conveying line, this may cause pressure piling, rapid flame acceleration and transition to detonation if not disengaged in a timely manner. The resulting explosion could not only damage the pipeline and accessories, but also make adequate protection of downstream process equipment (e.g. dust collectors, dryers, silos) virtually impossible due to flame jet ignition and pressure piling in the receiving vessel or apparatus.

While full isolation (flame and pressure) cannot be achieved, an explosion diverter will limit the effects and control the explosion as it propagates down to an acceptable and safe level that allows the use of other protective techniques and enables the design engineer to use standard industry codes (e.g. NFPA, EN, VDI) to size the protection systems on the secondary receiving vessel (and the primary vessel). Fike mechanical explosion isolation valves, chemical barriers or pneumatic explosion isolation protection valves will prevent the explosion transfer entirely.

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