FFS bags and openmouth bags processed by one single machine?

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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Who doesn’t want to be as flexible as possible?
The marketing department that demands a wide range of bag types, your customer asking for several different bags for its different markets or you as a company who want to serve as many customers as possible. In these modern days there are many reasons why companies should be as flexible as possible.

Votech is a leading manufacturer in turn-key bag filling solutions. They are developing and producing their bag filling machines, palletisers and stretchhood machines by their own management. By listening to her customers Votech was able to design a completely new packaging machine for both FFS bags and openmouth bags as well.

Combination machine with axial bag transport:
This machine is able to handle tubular bags and openmouth bags. The machine is suitable for filling bags within a range of 2 Kg till 50 Kg. There are three possibilities for dosing the products, by volume, by weight or bottom up. The machine is possible to be designed for free flowing or non-free flowing products. The forward movement of the bags takes place through a specially developed dynamic linear construction with a low maintenance design. Bags are closed by a single or double sealbeam. A pinch top sealunit, vacuum unit and labelprinter can also be integrated in this machine.

Combination machine with sideways bag transport:
This type is suitable for a wide range of products and types of bags. Tubular bags, openmouth paper bags, PE bags with or without a zipper, aluminum bags and PP bags can be processed by this machine. The bags can be closed various ways like sewing with or without crêpe tape, seal, pinch top or combining them.
Both of the machines above are very easy to operate and to adjust. The operator is able to changeover to another product or bagtype within 5 minutes. Machine settings for a particular bag or product can be saved into its own menu which the operator can select later on.

These days Votech has already installed different types of bag filling machines at several customers. For instance in the horticulture, the fertilizer, the feed the food and the pet food branch. Bag filling machines are installed all over Europe. Votech is able to guarantee a 24/7 service which is very appreciated by their customers.

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