Extended functionally for PENKO weight controllers!

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

For the automation of dosing and filling processes PENKO weight controllers are unbeatable. Our unique way of high speed measuring in conjunction with a high internal resolution guarantees the best results. Savings in raw materials and/or finished goods offer a fast return of investment. In addition, depending on the application, a turnkey pre-programmed version can be selected, alternatively, for a non-standard way of processing; a free programmable version is available. Custom solutions have their charms, but large scale customization may require many additional digital and/or analogue inputs and outputs to ensure that any thinkable application can be realized. PENKO has now expanded its range of instruments with two sets of remote input and output instruments, digital and analogous. -:

•RIA700, provided with 4 analogous inputs 0/4 up to 20/24 mA and 2 analogous outputs 0/4 – 20/24 mA and/or 0 – 10 V. Inputs as well as outputs have a 10 000 d resolution.
•RIO700, provided with 8 inputs for 24 V and 8 outputs for 24 V, ac or dc, with a 0,5 A switching capacity.

Blind boxes are often the cause for irritation. That’s why these instruments show the status of the inputs and outputs by way of a 6 pieces of 7-segment display. For the communication RS485, Ethernet, USB and Canbus are available. Per controller system up to 40 sets can be connected. The enclosures are suitable for DIN-rail mounting.

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