Extended Cycle Time at Highest Accuracy

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Performance of Loss in Weight Feeders depends on accuracy, linearity, stability, drift and quantity of raw material in the hopper. Weigh modules with MonoBloc Technology meet these requirements perfectly.
Improve performance of your equipment with high resolution weigh modules which will expand time of uninterrupted operation at the highest accuracy.

The performance of feeders range from 100g up to 50,000 kg per hour. The accuracy ranges from 0.25 to 1 %. The maximum achievable accuracy depends on the properties of the material being dispensed. A characteristic of loss in weight feeders is the cyclical change between controlled gravimetric dispensing and uncontrolled volumetric dispensing during refilling.
The uncontrolled volumetric dispensing during refilling has to be kept as brief as possible in order to achieve accurate results. An suitable electronic feeder control and a conveyor, which fits to the material properties of the dispensed product, can strongly improve performance of loss in weight feeders strongly. However, the dispensing accuracy depends to a large extent, on the quality of the weighing technology.

Criteria for weighing technology for a loss in weight feeder:
Controller technology with high quality signal processing to filter out vibrations
Fast data transfer for short cycle time of closed loop controller
Good linearity over the entire measuring range
High weighing capacity to carry heavy feeder, hopper and metering device
High weighing capacity to store a lot of material inside the hopper
Solid construction with overload protection for fast refilling of the hopper

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