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Last modified: 8 May 2023

In addition to flexible connections with aluminium flanges, Euro Manchetten & Compensators now also supplies sleeves with galvanized steel and stainless steel flanges.

Dutch and German market
The sleeves have been introduced, because there is an increasing demand for steel flanges in the Netherlands and standard versions that connect better to the German market. In addition, the sleeves are more in line with the profiles that are used to make air ducts. On top of that; these versions have a higher airtightness than the sleeves with aluminum profiles.

Produced in the Netherlands
By adding special sawing and drilling machines for metal and stainless steel to our collection of machinery and production techniques, we also produce these products locally; in Kaatsheuvel.

Versions and specifications
* The cuffs comply with airtightness class LUKA C or DIN EN 13180: 2002 class C.
* Available in fire class DIN 4102-B1 and B2.
* The flexible connections are available in standard widths of 105-130-155 and 180mm
* The flanges are available in galvanized steel and stainless-steel flanges in widths of 20 and 30mm.

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