EvenDos®: Accurate Feeding and Even Distribution

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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Increasing cost pressure especially in the production of consumer goods, in combination with higher complexity of recipes and production result in new requirements to processes and machines. By integrating two normally separated production steps into one machine investments can be reduced as well as space requirements.
In most cases it has been common practice to separate accurate dosing and the even distribution of solid additions into two process steps, using two different machines. The combination of high precision Gericke feeders with the specifically developed EvenDos® function integrates these process steps efficiently. The key component is a special dosing tool, which allows for even distribution of the fed good over a defined distance.

Application examples can be found in many different industries and processes:
Food / Pet Food / Pharmaceutical

In these industries ingredients like salt or seasonings are in many cases added after main processes such as baking, drying or conditioning.
Often the product will be moved on a belt (for example pasta, biscuits, extrudates or similar products), or coated in a drum and shall evenly be spread with a defined quantity of an ingredient. EvenDos® feeding tools allow for solutions that are up to this task.

Chemical /Detergents / Construction
Market requirements, trends and increasingly new legislations require these industries to change recipes or use new raw materials. The needs for environmental safety and efficient use of energy lead to more complex recipes and additional ingredients. Often this results in very asymmetrical formulations, where micro ingredients need to be added. The EvenDos® feeding tools can also help here to assure an even addition of such minor materials.
Gericke precision feeders and scales have been used globally for many years in various applications where accuracy and reliability are key. For poorly flowing or very light material, explosive atmospheres or other demanding process parameters, Gericke has the right solution.

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