EHEDG magnetic filter with CIP cleaning

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The EHEDG magnetic filter recently introduced by Goudsmit Magnetics is specially designed for the food industry. This hygienic filter is suitable for CIP systems: the magnet can be magnetically operated, without the need to open the filter housing for cleaning. The filter is constructed of Neodymium magnets that provide more effective separation of very small ferrous particles as small as 15µm, weakly magnetic particles and even iron dust from sticky substances such as chocolate, pastes, powders and fruit juices. The magnet has a maximum flux density of 11,300 gauss at the bar and removes the specified particles from both liquid and powdered products. The entire system is made of grade 316 stainless steel, is smoothly finished (Ra≤0.4ųm) and is EHEDG certified.

Cip cleaning
Cleaning of the magnet occurs automatically. When production is stopped the magnet can be ’blown’ out of the product flow so the flushing cycle can carry away the captured ferritic particles. This is done to prevent the captured particles from entering the product again elsewhere in the process. After the flushing cycle the magnet part is ready for the complete CIP cycle. The housing is constructed so that no product remains behind after cleaning (see animation on YouTube). The magnetic filter is used in tubes and/or pipelines in the food industry, where it performs deferrization of products conveyed under pressure. This way even the smallest iron particles can be filtered out of sticky substances (chocolate, pastes, powders or fruit juices), while these particles are normally carried off again by the raw material flow. Installation of a metal detector does not solve the ferro problem, because it is not able to detect the smaller metal particles. The hygienic magnetic filter is available in five standard dimensions ( Ø 50 – 125 mm), has a standard pipe connection and can also be delivered with another cleaning option – manual – which allows operators to easily separate the extractor and enclosed magnetic bars. This filter, however, is not EHEDG certified.

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