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Last modified: 8 May 2023

More and more companies want to use one and the same mixer to produce multiple products. This approach not only saves having to invest in multiple mixers, companies can also put new products into production much more quickly. Switching rapidly and hygienically to a different recipe is a key requirement for this. The new, Easy-to-Clean Pegasus® Mixer has been specially developed to satisfy that need. The mixer’s design is more compact than usual and it is equipped with removable mixing shafts on a mobile carriage and extra large inspection hatches. This means that all the components, including the mixing shafts, are easily accessible and can be cleaned faster, better and more easily than in conventional designs. This helps companies make savings in the area of labour costs for cleaning and reduces the risk of contamination. The Easy-to-Clean Pegasus® Mixer can be manufactured in mechanically ground and polished, or electrolytically polished 304 or 316 grade stainless steel for companies that want to comply with the strictest hygiene and food safety requirements and prevent contamination The Easy-to Clean-Pegasus® Mixer can also be equipped with an automatic cleaning system based on compressed air, mix-drying or hot steam.

Dinnissen Process Technology specialises in handling bulk solids for the feed, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The companys twin-shaft Pegasus® Mixer has won a reputation for rapid, efficient and homogenous mixing results. Because more and more customers want to use one and the same Pegasus® Mixer for mixing different products, Dinnissen has developed a new Easy-to-Clean Pegasus® Mixer, which is uniquely fast and easy to clean.

The Pegasus® Mixer is a mainstay in Dinnissen Process Technologys product range. Dinnissen has adapted the same basic design of mixer for more than 600 different companies in order to succeed in satisfying the individual mixing requirements of each individual application. The Pegasus® Mixer owes its success to the twin-shaft mixing mechanism where the shafts rotate in opposing directions. This allows the creation of a unique fluidised zone, which is the basis of the complete mixing process. The mixer is also equipped with an intelligent metering system that adds the ingredients to the mixer in exactly the right quantity at exactly the right time (8-35 sec.).

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