Dyno-mill ECM AP grinding mill in the market

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The design of the new DYNO-Mill ECM AP is impressive and innovative, both in operation and in technology. The main advantages for you below:
• New separation system of the WAB DYNO-MILL ECM-AP Series
• New design provides higher throughput and capacity, especially for highly viscous products
• Less wear on contact parts
• Ability to grind with bead size 0.1 mm

The new ECM-AP is designed to perform single / multi-pass or circulation with a constant efficiency in both processes to achieve nano size particles.
The patented DYNO®-Accelerators produce a powerful, hydraulic movement of the beads which guarantee a high and constant energy input and due to its efficient enery input the has a low energy uptake. The mill provides an improved product throughput and longer life of the screen. The ideal cooling properties allow the processing of temerature sensitive productsf, better ability to handle highly viscous products and foaming products.
Besides optimizing the grinding process itself, for the user there are also significant benefits such as easy control of the machine during production and maintenance, small volumes of the grinding chamber enable fast product changes at low costs and change of the separation system without the need to open the grinding chamber. Registration of the process parameters and guarantee of the reproducibility with the optional WAB VIEW process control.
By interest in a detailed explanation or if you wish to test with a test machine, please contact us directly.

Optionally, the WAB VIEW parameteres to register the warranty and reproducibility.
For interest in a detailed explanation or if you wish to test with a test machine, please contact us. www.eskens.com

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