In the Cosmetic industry, the DYNO®-MILL agitator bead mills are suitable for a fascinating variety of applications. In these applications, the wet grinding technology has a significant contribution to the improvement of the key properties of cosmetic products. DYNO®-MILL bead mills are used in the development and production of mascara, nail polish and body creams. Some of the top three nail polish manufacturers decided to use the DYNO®-MILL bead mills for the production of the two major components of modern nail polish: The thixotropic base, and the pigmented colour paste The thixotropic base is a smooth and viscous gel that guarantees a nice gloss. The mills that produce this gel have to be able to threat this high viscous mass without warming it up too much. The WAB-group has successfully tested and sold DYNO®-MILL agitator bead mills to these major nail polish producers. The pigment colour paste is of course important in the constant search for new modern colours that go with the latest fashion trends. The cosmetic industry not only constantly needs to create new exiting colours, the nail polish should spread easily during application, should not drip, and dry perfectly. To realise these brilliant colours, the DYNO®-Mill ecm ap mills have proven to be the perfect solution. They had already proven their efficiency in milling paints and pasts in other industries and successfully confirmed there quality in this innovative cosmetic industry.