Dosing controllers type FLEX now for mobile applications

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

In the meantime the FLEX series of instruments exists out of three models, namely the
1.standard FLEX with active sense and a variable number of inputs and outputs.
2.FLEX-2100, with a passive sense and a fixed number of inputs and outputs.
3.2 and 4 channel FLEX, suitable for 2 or 4 weighers, each with a passive sense and a variable number of inputs and outputs.
In many applications the power supply is not a mains but a battery, 12 or 24 V d. Examples you find in road traffic, internal transport, shipping, the offshore industry, hoists and transportable equipment. The absence of mains however does not mean there is no need for weighing. That’s why the existing range expands with a version, fit for voltages between 9 and 24 V dc. The well-known characteristics, a flexible controller with a high measure and control speed, having an operator terminal with a “touch panel”, several communication entries, inputs and outputs remains unchanged. Furthermore software versions, such as the choice out of destructive and non-destructive material investigation, control of weights, grading, dosing, filling, continuous and discontinuous belt weighing, mass flow control, bunker weighing and so on are present. In brief the specifications are:
•operation by means of a TFT touch panel, multi-colour, high resolution and, depending of the application, the choice out of several screen lay outs.
•a fast measuring instrument, 2000 conversion/s.
•several digital outputs, under which Ethernet and Profibus DP.
•An enclosure for panel mounting with a watertight front (IP65) or
•As an alternative, a watertight stainless steel enclosure.
•10.000 d in accordance with the NAWI and MID directive.
When the weigher leaves for “far away” the only thing you have to do is to enter some address information and the instrument recalculates the calibration to the gravity over there.

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