Dolphin LT 0170/0220 A liquid ring vacuum pump

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Dolphin LT is the new generation of liquid ring vacuum pumps from Busch, with all the advantages of proven technology plus additional refinements.

Dolphin LTs are two-stage vacuum pumps and operate from atmospheric pressure to 33 hPa (mbar). The Dolphin LT series is available in a total of eight sizes, allowing an exact match to every process.

The operating fluid is usually water, but other liquids may be used if required by the process conditions. Dolphin LT liquid ring vacuum pumps may be operated as a simple continuous flow system, or as a partial or total recirculation system.

The precisely dimensioned range of sizes, extensive range of accessories and choice of construction materials allow these vacuum pumps to be perfectly adapted to many different industrial processes.

Dolphin LT technology uses the proven liquid ring principle, with contact-free internal components and virtually isothermal compression.

The LT series has been developed for continuous operation to support a wide range of processes in many industrial sectors, including the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Technical specifications
The Dolphin LT is a series of two-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps. An eccentrically mounted impeller rotates in a housing partially filled with operating fluid. The impeller blades dip into the fluid, and the centrifugal force exerted by their rotation forms a so-called liquid ring within the housing. The pumped medium is transported in the spaces between the blades and the liquid ring. The eccentric rotation of the impeller alters the volume of these spaces, causing gas to be drawn in, compressed and expelled. Operation as a compressor is possible up to 1.5 bar(g). Dolphin LT 0130 – 0220 A are the three smaller vacuum pumps in a series that comes in a total of eight sizes.

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