DMN CIP Rotary Valves and CIP Plug Diverter EHEDG compliant

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Recently DMN-WESTINGHOUSE were presented with the official EHEDG Type EL Class I certificates of compliance for hygienic CIP rotary valves and a hygienic CIP plug diverter valve. The concerning components were evaluated for compliance with the Hygienic Equipment Design Criteria of the EHEDG and were declared to meet these criteria. By attaining these certificates, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE can now offer a range of components suitable for hygienic clean in place (CIP) process systems.

The rotary valve has been tested and validated according to the EHEDG guidelines Doc.2 and Doc.8. The major advantage of the design is that both shaft sealing areas, being the area’s that are most prone to possible contamination, are also purged with exactly the same CIP cycle as the rest of the equipment. The EHEDG Type EL Class I certificate for the rotary valves concerns the DMN-WESTINGHOUSE rotary valve types AL, AXL, AXXL, AML, BL, BXL, BXXL and SAL with PS seal and PET gaskets.

The new CIP plug diverter has been designed in order to meet CIP requirements. This new diverter is fitted with EPDM gaskets and is suitable for CIP. The diverter is of a dual tunnel design and has patented static and inflatable seals. Due to the special design there is no seal in the product stream. The diverter is suitable for powders and pellets in pneumatic conveying systems and can be mounted in 5 different positions. Also the diverter can be used as a block valve, thereby allowing the operator to choose a full system wash through or only clean a dedicated part of the process system.

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