Dinnissen`s new hammer mill offers producers of feed and pet food greater c

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Dinnissen offers a wide range of crushers, hammer mills, roller mills, and knife mills for grinding, crushing and micronizing a wide variety of ingredients. The newest hammer mill is equipped with increased screen surface, extra-large grinding panels, and an automatic screen exchanger in combination with a wide range of screens. This hammer mill provides clients with significantly increased grinding capacity, less downtime, and greater flexibility.

Hammer mills are especially suited for grinding soft to medium-hard products such as grains, raw ingredients containing proteins, and minerals down to particle sizes of between 3 mm and 150 µ. The centrifugal force produced by the rotating hammers crushes the product into smaller particles against special grinding panels on the inside of the grinding chamber, after which the processed product passes through special screening panels. he screen surface and perforations determine the capacity, quality and effectiveness of the screening process. The hammer mill features an ingenious and innovative design which significantly increases the surface area of the grinding panels as well as screen panels inside the hammer mill. The screen storage facility is fitted with an extra-wide chamber, making it easier to carry out maintenance and replace damaged screens. This in turn reduces downtime during maintenance stops and increases the overall efficiency of the hammer mill. The maximum speed is 1500 revolutions per minute, which means that it has a longer usable lifetime and is more energy-efficient than its predecessors. The built-in magnets and traps for unwanted hard objects also prevent damage to the screens from the presence of iron objects or other hard materials.

Dinnissen has designed a screen changing system for its hammer mill, which offers increased speed, ease-of-use and reliability to clients who regularly switch between different ingredients and product specifications. The automatic screen exchanger has enough space for 4 to 6 sets of different screen panels, making it possible for the system to automatically select the appropriate screen perforation and thereby grind the raw ingredients into the desired product within optimum structure and particle size. The mechatronic screen exchanger system automatically chooses and places the correct set of screen panels in the hammer mill. After completion of the production process, the screen exchanger also removes and stores the set of screens within 40 seconds.

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