Every day we hold a product in our hands that was manufactured with the help of Dinnissen systems: from chocolate sprinkles to baby formula, from dog food to potato starch. The innovative company from Sevenum has been around for seventy years and is still going strong. In fact, the expansion of the factory will be completed later this year, with an emphasis on customization and innovation. Processing solids in large quantities With customers in the dairy, food, chemical, pet food and feed sectors, Dinnissen develops, produces and tests virtually every product in-house. The various systems are then installed on site at customers’ production plants all over the world. When looking at the top ten companies in all segments - the leaders in the dairy, food, chemicals, pet food and feed industries - they all use Dinnissen technology. What is the main strength of the company? Commercial technical director Frans Bakker: “We have a customer-specific and customized approach. It`s through our smart designs that we make a difference.” Customization It is anchored deeply in the company`s DNA that products are manufactured in-house. “We want to continuously develop and be innovative,” says Chief Operating Officer Wouter Kuijpers. “Where many other companies mainly focus on assembly, we still manufacture almost everything in-house. This allows us to deliver customized products, but it also significantly speeds up our time to market.” The approach at Dinnissen is based on the concept of continuity: “Everything we do is aimed at building the company for the long term,” says Chief Executive Officer Henk Kuijpers. “This means that our work focuses on controlled growth with people who are dear to us. It`s not surprising that so many of our employees have been with us for decades, we can really count on them.” Frans Bakker adds: “We also have long-standing relationships with a lot of our customers and suppliers. When working on projects, the continuity of the relationship is always our main priority. It feels really good when a customer comes back to us for a new project after using one of our installations for years to their satisfaction.”