Dinnissen introduces the Slide Pegasus Mixer at Powtech in Nürnbe

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The ability to clean mixing equipment thoroughly and quickly is becoming more crucial now that manufacturers increasingly invest in a single process line for multiple products. Dinnissen Process Technology already offers a number of solutions for this need, such as slide-out mixing shafts, oversize inspection hatches and air-based automatic cleaning systems. With the introduction of the Slide Pegasus® Mixer, Dinnissen has succeeded in adding new and exceptionally useful functionality to the company’s Pegasus® Mixer. Not only are the mixing shafts of a sliding design to allow rapid and thorough cleaning, Dinnissen’s purpose-designed guide track system allows the Slide Pegasus® Mixer to be effortlessly slid out of the way as a complete unit. This feature provides optimum access to all the production equipment close to the mixer for cleaning, inspection and maintenance.

The twin-shaft Pegasus® Mixer has become one of Dinnissen Process Technology’s true classics. In recent years, the company has manufactured mixers for customers active in the feed, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and continually refined the design to ensure compliance with the requirements of each individual application.
The Slide Pegasus Mixer is a new product from Dinnissen. This hygienic version of the continuous Pegasus® Mixer has a capacity of 100 to 20,000 kg per hour. The Slide Pegasus® Mixer is mounted on a guide track system as standard. This allows the complete mixer to be slid to a new position with minimum effort. When cleaning, inspecting or carrying out maintenance, this arrangement allows maximum access to ancillary equipment above, below or adjacent to the mixer, such as the outfeed funnel, discharge, vibratory chute and floor under the mixer. The Slide Pegasus® Mixer has also proved its worth when calibrating the production process and engineering a bypass or second discharge line. The mixer can be simply slid into position underneath a weighing system or above an outfeed funnel. It is also possible to install a dust elimination filter below or above the mixer. The filter is easily accessible for cleaning and inspection after sliding the Slide Pegasus® Mixer out of the way. In addition, Dinnissen offers a range of ultra-hygiene options for the Slide Pegasus® Mixer, such as electrochemically polished surfaces and hermetic dust seals. Metering units that feed ingredients to the mixer can be equipped with quick-release flexible hoses.

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