Dinnissen introduces Combi Filling Station

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Filling a variety of packages by making only a single investment
Client focus starts with meeting the specific requirements and wishes of each client. Dinnissen’s new Combi Filling Station accomplishes this by enabling clients, via only a single investment, to fill a wide range of packaging options including Big Bags, Drums, Tote Bins and Octabins. The brand-new filling station is therefore flexible and saves space as well as costs. Dinnissen developed an innovative filling head with an inflatable filling seal that can easily be replaced in order to make it possible to fill a wide range of packages in a single filling station. The innovative head forms a dust-tight seal between each package and the filling station. Once the appropriate filling head has been installed, a pallet with one or more packaging units is placed on the special scissor lift revolving table. The scissor lift then automatically moves upwards and positions the packaging unit precisely in line with the filling head. If a pallet with several drums has been placed on the revolving table, the table with its specially developed suction disc positions the drums, one for one, to connect to the filling head. If the user wishes to switch to a different type of packaging unit, the special vibrating mechanism in the fall pipe first comes into action. It vibrates the fall pipe and the replaceable filling head to thoroughly clean them and prevent any emission of fine particles, after which the filling head can quickly and easily be removed and a new one installed.

Combi Filling Station can be customized for various target markets
The new Combi Filling Station is available in various options to serve the needs of different markets and end users. For example, Dinnissen’s new filling station is available in an extra robust version that can withstand the most intensive use under very extreme conditions. It is also suitable for dust-tight operation when filling chemicals and toxic products etc. that are subject to the European REACH guidelines. The installation can be integrated into existing production processes or used as a stand-alone filling station. It can also be fitted with Dinnissen’s Easy-to-Clean Feeder Valve with a very broad capacity range for the very precise dosing of products to the filling station or packaging unit. The new filling station can be equipped with a single or triple gas-tight seal system for Big Bags. A weighing system for filling the packaging units very precisely is also an option. Finally, the filling station is available in a version for High Care zones in sectors such as the foodstuffs industry.

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