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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Dinnissen Process Technology has developed a new bag emptier with an integrated automated pallet handler especially for companies looking to process large numbers of bags. This latest version of the popular Dima 1200 can empty between 200 and 1500 bags per hour quickly, safely and efficiently. In addition, it helps companies to comply with stricter standards of hygiene and to minimize product spillage/waste in a wide range of industries.

Emptying a large number of bags with various ingredients in the feed, food, pharma and chemical industries is a labour-intensive, unsafe and expensive activity. In response to the needs of such clients, Dinnissen developed the new Dima 1200 bag emptier with integrated automated pallet handler. With this fully automated facility, a forklift operator can empty between 200 and 1500 bags, (i.e. 200 kg to 50 tons, per hour). All the operator has to do is to feed the pallets with the bags into the facility. The pallets are first tipped at an angle, after which the bags are fed, layer by layer, via a special conveyor into the rotating drum unit of the Dima 1200. Inside the unit, two shafts, each fitted with five knives, cut the bags open from the top and the bottom side. The ingredients then leave the unit through a perforation in the rotating drum and are collected in a special storage container. The end result is an efficient and very effective separation of the packaging from its contents. The rotating drum is fitted with a sophisticated suction and feedback system that prevents the emission of fine particles or loss of product. Depending upon the specific product in question, the particle size distribution, and the type of bag processed, the Dima 1200 can empty and recover between 99.5% and 99.99% of the product inside the bag.

All the development and customization work for the Dima 1200 was done by Dinnissen in-house, and the units are also produced in-house. This allows Dinnissen to equip the Dima 1200 with a wide range of options in terms of quality, safety, and hygiene. For example, the Dima 1200 can be supplied with an internal climate control system that prevents hygroscopic ingredients from clumping together. The Dima 1200 can also be customized to comply with ATEX standards for handling ingredients that pose a dust explosion hazard. For clients that need to minimize the emission of particles during the bag emptying process to an absolute minimum, Dinnissen developed the Ultra dust-free Dima 1200 bag emptier, which reduces emissions of fine particles to less than 0.1 mg per m3 of processed ingredients. This model is fitted with a double filter, powerful suction capabilities, and a special dust-free seal on the exhaust side. It is also equipped with a fully automatic air and suction based cleaning-in-place facility that practically eliminates the need for any human intervention during the cleaning process.

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