Delft Solids Solutions acquires Hiden IGA-003 adsorption analyser

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Delft Solids Solutions, a contract research laboratory focused on the physical characterization of mostly solid materials, expands its activities in the field of solid and catalyst characterization by the acquisition of a Hiden IGA-003 analyzer.

The IGA-003 is a gravimetric analyzer specifically designed for multi-component gas sorption analysis. Analysis temperatures from -196°C to 1000°C can be applied at pressures ranging from ultra-high vacuum to 20 bars. A close-coupled mass spectrometer allows the performance of product desorption and standard TG/MS experiments. The IGA-003 has been widely used in catalyst characterization, as well for the study of sorption on pharmaceuticals, carbons, zeolites and polymers.
The Delft Solids Solutions’ set-up is one of the few instruments available in the Benelux.

The staff of Delft Solids Solutions is very glad with the expansion of her capabilities and happy to discuss your interest, request, or application.
More information on the equipment can be found at:

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