Dec Group, a global provider of powder handling systems, offers turnkey and custom-designed solutions covering a full range of process disciplines and challenges in high containment in pharmaceutical and fine chemicals manufacturing. Our solutions can be successfully integrated into complex operations while minimizing downtime and promoting safety and high productivity. Powder Transferring Systems Dec’s powder conveying solutions, also applicable in aseptic environments, allow operators to handle highly toxic or flammable powders (MIE below 1 mJ). • PTS Powder Transfer System®: Combination of pressure and vacuum to carry out dense phase conveying for high efficiency and safety • PFL Powderflex: Continuous conveying and dosing • Transbatch: Transfer of granules and flakes • MPTS: system to transfer and dose small quantities of powder Bulk Materials Handling Dec offers an extensive range of bulk material handling solutions allowing operators to safely fill, discharge, dose, and convey materials from occupational exposure band (OEB) levels 1 to 7. These solutions come with modular and ergonomic designs that are perfectly adapted to a range of hard-to-handle agglomerated, toxic, hygroscopic, wet or inflammable materials with options for clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilization-in-place (SIP). • Big Bag Handling: Big bag filling and discharging stations with various docking systems depending on containment needs and accessories • Bag / Drum Handling: Filling and emptying systems, sack tip cabinets, Continuous Liner Systems, DCS® and other drum containment systems • IBC Handling: Container filling and discharge stations with accessories • Toxic Liquids Handling: Safe handling of toxic and corrosive liquids with systems for filling and emptying drums • Contained Bulk Handling: High containment handling systems with rigid and flexible wall isolators, Isocharge/Isotube and DCS® systems Powder Dosing and Dispensing Systems Dec Group offers flexible and high accurate powder dosing solutions for filling or emptying applications in batch or continuous operations covering a wide range of scales from milligrams to tons. Dosing of powder into various packaging demands high levels of handling flexibility. • PFL Powderflex - Allowing continuous and precise dosing of small to medium quantities • µPTS: High precision microdosing for a wide range of requirements in the mg range • Loss-In-Weight – Dosing by subtraction from drums and big bags • Positive Weighing – Drum and big bag filling systems