Customized solution for filling Big Bags with baby milk powd

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Global demand for premium-quality baby milk powders is rising, and milk production in Europe is expected to increase due to the elimination of milk quotas in the EU. This will create opportunities for European milk powder producers. Dinnissen has now developed an innovative technology specifically for the purpose of filling Big Bags hygienically in clean rooms in order to control the end quality of the production process and extend the shelf life of the final product. The new concept focuses on optimizing and maintaining the cleanliness of the clean rooms, implementing extra hygienic measures during the filling process, and preventing contamination via pallets.

The process of filling Big Bags with baby milk powder starts with ensuring that the clean room is ultra clean and remains ultra clean. The Big Bag filling concept created by Dinnissen therefore starts by ensuring that dirt-sensitive pallets are kept out of the clean room. During the filling process, Big Bags are transported via a special guidance system which minimizes the risk of contact with any type of contaminant. The first step in filling the Big Bag involves connecting the bag and its clean inner liner to the filler head. This is done using the special decontamination module developed by Dinnissen which safely and securely eliminates dust and dirt particles until the hose used to fill or empty the bag has been securely attached via a special inflatable seal that prevents any dust or other particles from entering or leaving the bag. The bag is then emptied of air by vacuum, after which it is filled with nitrogen or CO2 until it reaches its desired shape. The end result is a clean and oxygen-free («1%) environment that extends the shelf life of food products.

In order to fill Big Bags ultra-hygienically, it’s important to work quickly and precisely and to prevent any particles from escaping.The product dosage system is based on several components, of which the “Feedervalve” is the most important. This dosage seal valve has an excellent reputation for its precision and ability to prevent product damage. A vacuum lance can be used to remove air from products that are difficult to compact. To ensure that no product escapes and contaminates the clean room, Dinnissen uses a specially shaped filler head, an inflatable seal, and the effective removal of fine particles via suction. The option of pneumatically sealing the filler hose before disconnecting it is also an effective method of preventing any contamination of the high care environment.

The last step in the process of hygienically filling the Big Bags is the automatic airtight sealing of the inner liner via the Triple-seal technique. The Big Bag can then be sealed and supplied with a clean bottom plate, after which it is transported out of the clean room via a special guidance system.

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