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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The request of many customers to save energy in their production processes can be realized not only with high end sensors but although with level indicators that enable a reliable and price worthy level measurement without any power supply. The level indicators of the MOLOSmembran series of MOLLET exactly meet this requirement and are used from satisfied customers worldwide in the applications storage, transport and processing of bulk solids.

The MOLOSmembran level indicators of MOLLET are mechanical switches for bulk solids with a bulk density from 0.3 to 2.5 g/m³. As soon as the bulk material reaches the sensor, the signal is switched by the pressure of the bulk material on the membrane. All components that are in contact with the product like mounting ring or membrane are available in a stainless steel version. In case this is not needed, cheaper materials like a Viton-membrane or mounting rings made of Zinc-plated steel can be ordered. The housings are alternatively offered in Aluminium or in stainless steel. Depending on configuration of the device it can be used for process temperatures from von -30 °C to +200 °C and for very coarse grain bulk solids with diameters up to 100 mm. Further on all measurement devices are approved for the use in gas- and dust-explosive areas.

MOLOSmembran level indicators offer a lot of advantages over other level indication technologies. As no electricity is necessary for the operation of these measurement devices, you save power costs and cabling for power supply is not needed. Installation and commissioning of these sensors are very simple. Any calibration or adjustment of these measurement devices is not needed. The membrane flush fits to the silo wall so that no sensor part extends into the bin or silo. For this reason these sensors are very well suited for the use as back pressure indicators, overload protectors and as full-, empty and demand-indicators in silos, bins, conveying systems, transfer stations and down pipes.

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