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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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Coperion ZSK food extruder features an innovative design which complies with the increasingly comprehensive hygiene and safety requirements of the food industry.

Our ZSK food extruder meets the highest hygiene standards and represents an improvement in both product safety and production safety.
Coperion’s ZSK food extruder meets the highest hygiene standards, such as the EU 1935/2004 food regulations, and represents an improvement in both product and production safety.
The focus of the design is the open base frame of the food extruder. It is made of stainless steel, has only smooth surfaces and offers users numerous advantages. Its excellent accessibility markedly reduces the cleaning effort. Product safety and production safety are both improved. And the downtime required for cleaning the machine is reduced to a minimum.
For each component of the ZSK food extruder that comes into contact with the product, our experts select exactly the right combination from over 150 materials, taking into account individual requirements. This guarantees the longest possible service life and maximum reliability of the wearing parts. This means you can also use the ZSK food extruder to produce foodstuffs and pet food with aggressive raw materials in a highly productive way. All parts that come into contact with the product conform with food standards and regulations, such as EU 1935/2004 or the relevant FDA recommendations. With the Coperion quality control system, these can be traced right back to their origin.
Stefan Gebhardt, General Manager of Business Unit Food & Pharma, says: ”Production in accordance with the most stringent hygiene and safety requirements is one of the greatest challenges in the food industry today, and will continue to be so in the future. With our ZSK extruder in hygienic design, we are providing food manufacturers with a technological solution which enables them to produce goods in accordance with the most stringent standards and regulations. It is the basis for the safe and efficient production of food stuffs and pet food, and guarantees the highest product quality.”
Coperion’s ZSK twin screw extruder is the result of more than 100 years of experience with extrusion processes and over 50 years of expertise in handling food applications. It offers convincingly high operational reliability and highly durable components. A wide range of food companies around the world – from cereal producers to manufacturers of textured meat substitutes – already use the ZSK food extruder successfully. The performance data of the ZSK food extruder is based on a Do/Di value of 1.8 (outer to inner screw diameter). Its specific torque is 11.3 Nm/cm3 and the maximum screw speed is 1,800 rpm.

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