Cooling starch in confectionery line at Astra Sweets

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

°Celsius from The Netherlands has recently delivered a large screw heat exchanger to Astra Sweets in Turnhout, Belgium. They are making this screw heat exchanger operational to cool starch in the production of confectionery.

The production process – liquorice, gums and foam sweets
In the factory kitchen at Astra Sweets ingredients are combined, dissolved and boiled for each recipe. Then the required colourings and flavourings are added to the recipe before it goes to the pouring department. This is where the pouring machines are, into which the liquid product from the factory kitchen is poured into trays with powdered starch. Small shapes are pressed into the powdered starch and these are used as a mould for the sweets. When the trays are full, these are piled on pallets. The sweets are then conditioned in a cooling/drying room before being getting a lovely glossy finish in a drum, or being covered in sugar. Then the sweets are ready for eating!
Celsius cooling screw for cooling starch
The starch in which the small shapes are pressed to form a mould is constantly re-used. For this reason the starch needs to be constantly re-dried and re-cooled. °Celsius has designed and produced a cooling screw for Astra Sweets that, with a capacity of 10,000 kg/hour, can cool from 55 °C to 42 °C. Water at 10 °C is used as the coolant.

The Celsius cooling screw is a double screw measuring at least 10 metres long by 1.60 metres tall; it weighs 7000 kg and fulfils a buffer function so that there is always a sufficient supply of starch to make the mould trays. The photo shows how this leviathan is hoisted into the production hall at Astra Sweets, using a huge crane.
Cooling screw replacement in existing pouring line
The cooling screw supplied is a replacement in an existing pouring line, but with increased capacity. Celsius delivered the screw heat exchanger to Jongerius Technology in Kapellen, Belgium, for the Astra Sweets production line. Jongerius Technology designs, delivers, installs and maintains systems for the storage and transhipment of dried goods and liquids. They supply parts as well as complete turn-key installations. For Astra Sweets Jongerius Technology supplied the full process to reduce the moisture content of the starch by means of drying and cooling. The Celsius cooling screw is contained within the drying installation.

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