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Last modified: 8 May 2023

KSE receives order via Ottevanger Milling Engineers for a considerable expansion of the bulk outloading at Aveve Veevoeding Aalter, Belgium. The expansion realizes flexibility and a more efficient throughput of the existing bulk outloading.

Less waiting time for trucks, faster loading of trucks, more efficient use of stocks, less logistic handling, these are all reasons for Aveve to ask Ottevanger to expand their bulk outloading.
To realize this order, Ottevanger includes systems of KSE Process Technology. From silos, finished product is transported via five movable ALFRA bulk weighers. They deliver it to seven movable ALFRA Bulk Batch Transports (BBT). The BBT’s deliver the finished product to counter bins which load the trucks.

A paddle mixer is also supplied by Ottevanger. KSE will make this mixer movable and weighing. The mixer is fed with medicines by an ALFRA Micro Component Dosing system. In addition, the installation includes a dual-axis paddle mixer for mixing bulk, which is fed by an ALFRA Middle Component Dosing system. This dosing system has a huge weighing range, allowing both large and small quantities to be weighed by just one weigher.

The first parts of this extensive project are scheduled to be delivered at Aveve in the second half of August.

Aveve Veevoeding
Aveve Veevoeding offers the professional farmer in Belgium and near areas a full range of quality feed and livestock products.

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