Concetti introduces MAP bagging equipment

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36 views Last modified: 8 May 2023
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Concetti, Bastia Umbra, Italy, has introduced Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), to their fully automatic bagging systems, but in an interesting and innovative way. This is designed to help dry pet food and animal feed producers offer the best quality of product and improve profitability. This technology dramatically extends the shelf life of animal feed and pet food, and preserves taste and freshness in each bag.
The Concetti company, a manufacturer of high quality packaging machinery, has just tested a fully automatic “IGF 1200” with a double feeding system, designed for gusseted open mouth paper bags with inner PE liner, from 4 to 20 kg.
The MAP application designed by Concetti consists of the replacement of air with a single gas, like nitrogen or a mixture of gases, during the entire filling process, not only in the package itself. Then, while still under a blanket of nitrogen, a device closes and seals the bags tightly. By replacing the breathable atmosphere in a package with a pure gas or a gas mixture, including nitrogen, the shelf life of products can be significantly extended, helping them look, smell, and taste good far longer than they would otherwise.

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