Compact weighing controller for four processes.

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

There are several applications needing the monitoring/control of more than one weigher. Frequently such systems possess complete or partially combined sequences. Examples are:
*fast multihead filling machines.
*bulk loading systems.
*on board truck weighing with the calculation of the load per axle.
*in motion weighing of railway vehicles.
*control of garbage, discharged into the truck.
Until now such instrumentation existed out of a number of instruments. With today’s technology PENKO succeeded in combining four instruments to one compact unit. Moreover apart of the weigher this instrument possesses complete, ultrafast controlling facilities and a full colour operator terminal. What more do you wish? The specifications are self-convincing:
*operation with a TFT touch panel, full colour, high resolution and the choice out of different screens, by example dependent of the function and/or the weigher.
*four fast weighing indicators, each 1600 conversions/s, with short reactions times for the control.
*8 inputs and 16 outputs.
*expansion of the inputs and outputs available.
*several communication facilities, such as CAN bus, Ethernet and Profibus DP.
*a panel mount enclosure, front 170 x 150 mm and 120 mm depth, with a watertight (IP65) front.
*10.000 d in accordance with the EU directives, so fit for trade applications.
For export the well-known PENKO facility, re-calculating the calibration to the gravity on the destination, is there. What more do you need?

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