Calcium oxide high-temperature cooler for the Middle East

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Celsius has designed for and supplied a high-temperature cooler to a chemical factory in the Middle East. This screw heat exchanger has been installed as a cooler at a calcium oxide plant.

At the beginning of last month engineer Martijn van den Hil, process engineer at Celsius, paid a five-day visit to the plant in the desert for a SAT (Site Acceptance Test).

With its length of 10 metres and width of 2 metres this machine is one of Celsius’ very large models. When one sees this machine installed on site, one hardly notices the dimensions. It is very impressive the way a machine of 16,500 kg has been installed at a height of 40 metres.

At this height the cooler is fed by an elevator. It raises the product from the multiple hearth furnace to the cooler, and the screw heat exchanger cools 4000 kg/hour of calcium oxide from 600°C to 90°C. The necessary cooling water is cooled using a cooling tower. As the plant is situated in the desert, and because of the extreme climatological conditions, the temperature of the cooling water can increase to 50°C!

During the cooling process 640 kilo watts an hour of energy is discharged through a cooling water-flow of 100 cubic litres per hour with an operating pressure of 5 bars. The cooling water flows through the trough, the screw shafts and the blades of our screw heat exchanger. Because of the abrasive nature of calcium oxide an abrasion-resistant material has been welded onto the screws of the cooler. The machine was specially designed and produced by Celsius to achieve optimal results under heavy industrial conditions.

The installation now functions according to the specifications and it is possible that a second production line will be taken into serious consideration by the end user.

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