Big Bag filling concept for cleanrooms

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Dinnissen Process Technology specializes in Big Bag filling processes for companies such as Danone, Nestlé, Royal FrieslandCampina and PepsiCo. Among such companies in the food sector, there is an increasing demand for filling Big Bags hygienically and efficiently in cleanrooms in order to ensure the quality of the production process and extend product shelf life. These companies apply very strict standards when it comes to keeping cleanrooms clean, complying with strict hygienic conditions during the filling process, and preventing any contamination from entering via pallets. In response to this demand, Dinnissen has developed a very effective and extremely hygienic Big Bag filling concept.

The use of Big Bags has spread dramatically since they were first introduced, as they make it possible to package products in the food sector economically, hygienically and safely. Big Bags also offer many advantages in terms of logistics, as they can be easily cleaned, compactly stored and reused. Dinnissen Process Technology specializes in processes for emptying, filling, closing and handling Big Bags. To that end, Dinnissen supplies standard products as well as complete tailor-made solutions for packaging products quickly, hygienically, safely and efficiently in terms of logistics. Dinnissen provides solutions which can range from components of a larger process to complete projects in themselves – for one Big Bag per week or for 50 per hour. The range of solutions offered by Dinnissen enables clients to package and process extremely hazardous and hygienically sensitive products via Big Bags. The special expertise and experience acquired by Dinnissen in this sector have served as the basis for developing these solutions for filling big bags in cleanrooms in compliance with the strictest hygienic standards.

The process for filling Big Bags in cleanrooms needs to be compatible with very strict standards of cleanliness. Accordingly, the Big Bag filling solution developed by Dinnissen ensures that contamination-prone pallets are kept out of the cleanroom. Throughout the entire filling process the Big Bags are suspended from a special guiding system, thereby ensuring minimal contact with possible contaminants. The fact that the Big Bags are suspended also makes it easier to clean the cleanroom quickly and effectively.

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