The companies within the Acomo group are active in the global sourcing, trading, handling, processing, packaging and distribution of conventional and organic niche food products and ingredients for the food and beverage industry. FISCe (Food Ingredients Service Center Europe) is active in the food industry as a subsidiary of Acomo. FISCe specializes in carrying out an externally validated pathogen reduction process for products with low moisture content such as spices, dried herbs, edible seeds, cereals, dried vegetables and legumes. For the new packaging line, Bascules Robbe NV was asked to design and supply a bagging machine with sealer and transport conveyors. Also a big bag filling station was provided so that with this installation both open mouth bags and big bags can be filled. After the bags are filled, they are automatically sealed and then discharged via a series of conveyor belts. During this process they also pass trough a metal detector. The complete turn-key project was carried out by Bascules Robbe NV.