Antistatic Poly Urethane flexible connectors. There has long been a demand for antistatic flexible connectors wich are approved for contact with food. There were already plastics and rubbers sorts available with these properties, but never without a some disadvantages. These materials were often very stiff, dark or not permanently antistatic in a dry environment. Also, the transparent colour of poly urethane could not be combined with antistatic properties. Filcoflex B.V. and Euromanchetten & Compenatoren B.V. have long been looking for a material in which these requirements can best be provided, without the disadvantages. And in 2010 we are glad to introduce two different PU films wich both can provide the following: - Permanent Antistatic in a dry environment - Transparent - Suitable for food contact - Great flexibility - Great abrasive resistance - Great durability - A very high elongation and tear resistance - Able to handle any size and shape due to the thermoplastic properties Because all our types of PU have been tested for antistatic properties, we can refute reliably test reports.

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