Alfra Flexible Container Components Dosing System

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The ALFRA FCCD with dosingtainer adds a new dimension to ingredient dosing. It makes it possible to dose ingredients directly from containers into the weigher. With the ALFRA Dosing Slide under the containers, you get fast accurate and product-friendly dosing.

“The high dosing accuracy and waste-free switching of containers were the main motives for use to invest in the FCCD,” said René Slagmolen, director of Dutch premix manufacturer Twilmij. He continued, “In addition, the FCCD needs limited floor space due to the use of containers rather than silos. This was beneficial for use since our current factory has no space for high silos.”

The original ALFRA FCCD Flexible Container Component Dosing system incorporates a unique weigher-in-weigher system for extremely high accuracy and flexibility when dosing dry powders, granulates and pellets. With this innovative technology it is possible to dose into the weigher directly from containers rather than silos. The new FCCD now offers even greater flexibility for PremixMineral production where smaller quantities of a wide range of raw materials are typical.

Unique dosing from containers reduces the risk of contamination
Dosing directly from a container is a unique innovation from ALFRA and has many benefits for PremixMineral production. The containers can be easily changed without leaving product being left behind, which significantly reduces the risk of contamination. Many materials in Premix Mineral production are mixed in small quantities, meaning there is a risk that they remain too long in the silo. This not only increases the risk of contamination but also leads to inefficient use of silos. In addition, flexibility is increased since the raw materials can be transported in containers rather than silos. Containers are simply changed over without first having to empty a silo, streamlining the switch between recipes.

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