Typhoon installed an air recuperation system for a very large producer of grain products for the food industry. Boiling, grinding, flaking, toasting, crushing, extruding flakes, popping, ... they can do everything. The establishment has four divisions: the oat and barley husking plant, maize mill, cereal flaking unit and the extrusion department. In the production tower of the oat husking plant, a lot of air is removed from the various machines and pour points. Because of this, the tower was under enormous pressure. Typhoon was asked to find a solution to compensate for this volume of air, across the various floors of the tower. As a solution, all outlet pipes were provided with individually controlled register valves. This means that all the pipes can be connected to one central main pipe. A filter box was positioned on the upper roofs of the tower for the post-filtering of this quantity of air. Two fans with a total flow of 133,000 m³/h bring the air back down to the different floors.

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