Knowing under all circumstances what is on the hook, regardless of movements and wherever, this instrument takes care of it. A patented compensation system has been built in, not only compensating for acceleration and deceleration but also providing an automatic adjustment to the local acceleration of gravity. The compensation uses PENKO's specialty, fast measurement with a high internal resolution. Thanks to this provision, this instrument is suitable for all free-hanging mobile applications, both in freight transport, shipping and fishing as well as on hoisting equipment. AFAK form Katwijk (NL) took care for the mechanical part, a solid stainless steel enclosure with protection class IP68 and galvanized, partly also lacquered, hoisting link and hook, so an entire version designed for the mentioned applications. Despite the robust design, the instrument only weighs 25 kg. Vulnerable connection cables are unnecessary. The transfer of the weighing data takes place wirelessly to a web browser, the battery power supply allows 4 hours of uninterrupted weighing. The weigher is available in ranges from 0 - 150 kg up to and including 2 500 kg.