A useful expansion of PENKO”s weighing instrumentation.

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

“Measure twice – cut once” is a famous proverb describing the value of correct measurement. On its own, measuring is just a start; the values must be available and remain available. The first requirement is achieved by the display on the instrument. For the second requirement, PENKO has now enhanced its instruments with an internal memory which should store the weight information of the past 7 years for any typical production usage. When fully loaded a FIFO (first in, first out) procedure applies in batches of approximately 6% of the contents. The individual weighing information contains at a minimum the time, date, weight and identification. Depending on the application, additional information, up to an entire e-mark protocol, is available as an option. The importance is that the memory resides inside the instrument and its contents can be recalled, printed or transmitted to a supervisory system. This feature is important for applications such as continuous (beltweighers) and discontinuous (hopper scales) totalising systems as well as for checkweighers and filling equipment. In such cases it may replace the so called “Alibi printer”. As a matter of course this extension is integrated in the EU-certificates of the instruments involved, also suitable for commercial processes/trade applications.

Picture: two instruments, in use in a mass filling station for buckets.

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