Stagnation means decline. Hot off the press PENKO offers a series of digitizers for force measurement, automatic and non-automatic weighing. These are in fact interfaces between the strain gage load cells and systems for data processing, controllers and so on. Thanks to the high measuring speed, 1600 conversions/s, and a high internal resolution, 24 bits, a fast and accurate data transfer is guaranteed. This combination also offers excellent dexterity for the determination of dynamic effects or the containment of undesired side effects through adequate filtering. As a standard all models are provided with a RS485 filed bus connection and USB to facilitate set up and back up functions. Additional models include RS232/422, Ethernet, CANBUS and Profibus. The range is completed with an analogous output, 0/4 – 20/24 mA. Easy and fast calibration is done digitally. This procedure is supported by a 6 figure digital read which also facilitates trouble shooting. Thanks to PENKO’s G-Cal option preparation for any geographical location is possible right in the factory. The compact enclosure, 101 x 22,5 x 120 mm (l x w x h) is suitable for DIN-rail mounting. For easy selection a convenient brochure is available.