In April 2019, Foeth received 117 process machines in stock. The new high-quality arrivals have been used in the Amsterdam harbour-area. Our partner ‘Beelen Sloopwerken’ was hired to demolish a former factory that produced pesticides for many years. Beelen Sloopwerken - known for their vision concerning sustainability - asked Foeth to dismantle the machinery and its systems. As preferred, this recycling by Beelen Sloopwerken has requested Foeth to prepare the equipment for direct re-use in its entirety within the chemical industry. This, by cleaning or even revising the equipment for further purpose. Foeth considers these new arrivals as a great asset for their 4.000 pieces collection. The new equipment is available for immediate deployment at your location. Do you want to know the type of machinery we are offering? Maybe something fits your machinery perfectly. Please contact us.

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