Korte online cursus: welke cellenradsluis kiezen

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15 – 16 December 2020
On-line delivery: 14 :00 – 17:00 hrs UK time

Which type of Rotary Valve should I select?

Faced with a large choice of rotor type, drive type, venting arrangements, bearing pattern, seal choice, clearances, cleaning features etc, never mind the choice of materials of construction, how does an engineer decide which type of rotary valve to select?

The course is aimed to help delegates understand the reasons for the different options and how to choose them and is recommended for engineers involved in the design of pneumatic conveying systems.

Held over two short sessions, we have prepared the following programme:
•Application areas for rotary valves, and their different demands (feeding, explosion protection, isolation etc)
•Basics of rotary valve performance – air leakage, feed rate etc
•Materials of construction linked to issues of wear and build-up
•Seals and bearings, options, functions and selection
•Special consideration for explosion isolation
•ATEX requirements and responsibilities
•Features for cleaning and preventing contamination
•Venting – needs, options and ensuring success
•Review of practical application issues

A previous delegate said of the course: “It highlighted real issues with simply selecting a rotary valve from a catalogue without due consideration into how the material characteristics, leakage and pneumatic conveying line pressure will affect the rotary valve performance in the supply of material”

Course fees are £450 per delegate, with discounts offered for multiple registrations from one company or for returning delegates.

The course is delivered in English

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