Bulk Materials Testing resumes at the Wolfson Centre

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If you have been experiencing bulk materials handling problems with your powders and/or bulk solids, you will be pleased to hear that our laboratories have now re-opened and our team of consultants are available to take your call.

At our industrial scale facility, we are able to test a processing step, mock-up process equipment, at near or full scale. This enables us to identify and solve problems off-line, so when you translate the same process or bulk materials to your own (or your customer`s plant), you can be confident that it will work.

Our plant extends over 450 square metres, and includes almost anything you can think of that is in a typical bulk solids handling process, including:
•Pneumatic conveyors
•Hoppers and silos
•Screening machinery
•Feeders (vibratory, screw, belt and others)
•Drying facilities
•Size reduction
•Environmental chambers
•Dust quantification and mitigation facilities
•Segregation, caking and attrition testers
•Flowability test equipment

A couple of the frequent objectives we are asked to help with include
•Assessing a new or reformulated material – will it handle reliably through the existing systems, or what changes will be needed to accommodate it?
•Evaluating novel handling and processing equipment or systems (complete or partial)

Need advice? Call the experts – we are here to help.

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