Volkmann GmbH

About Volkmann GmbH

Volkmann engineers, produces and sells

Vacuum-Conveyors and Transfer systems for powder, dust, pigments, granulated material, tablets and small pieces.

Vacuum Pumps – multiple stage compressed air driven Venturis – Multijector Vacuum Pumps- for Handling applications with superior Airflow characteristics and highest efficiency. The unique energy-saving efficiency of Multijectors nozzle systems are a direct result of our long-year expertise in fluid-dynamics.
Our Varijector Venturis offer a linear directed flow straight through the Venturi without any other internal parts. Customized Vacuum Pumps with special characteristics available.

Vacuum Cups, vacuum filters, vacuum switches and other vacuumcomponents for the automated material handling available ex stock.

Vacuum units for the suction of Liquids, for the aspiration, collection and recycling of oil, emulsion and grease inside production areas.

Dry-cleaning Machines for the pre