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About Muller Beltex B.V.

Muller Beltex supplies a unique combination of a very wide range of top-quality branded products for the agricultural & industrial sectors for horizontal and vertical transportation and processing of raw materials. Together with a comprehensive knowledge of the market and products, we always offer a sustainable solution with a maximum service life for your specific issue. Our stockholding strategy enables us to provide quick service, prevent unexpected stops and improve your efficiency.

With our extensive national and international knowledge and Total Cost of Ownership approach, we unburden you with extended time between maintenance stops and increased capacity and/or lower cost per tonne of processed product.

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Rub-Block ®

Rub-Block with a PT100 temperature sensor is designed to report the misalignment of a conveyor belt or elevor belt.

Maxilift ®

Maxilift ® Plastic elevatorbuckets

Karolee ®

Karolee® polyurethane sieve balls

Kryptane ®

Kryptane ® Wear resistant polyurethane

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