Delaere Engineering BVBA

About Delaere Engineering BVBA

Delaere is a Belgian supplier of bigbag/FIBC and octabin filling machinery with references all over the world. Delaere has delivered installations to many major players in the (petro-) chemical and food industry. The Delaere product portfolio includes, among other:

-Fixed and mobile single position FIBC filling stations
-Semi-automatic FIBC filling lines
-Open mobile FIBC filling lines on driven wheels, on rails or on air cushions
-Closed mobile FIBC filling lines for outdoor usage
-High care bigbag filling lines for palletless filling in cleanroom combined with patented Bag on
Pallet system
-Automatic Octabin/Box building lines
-High capacity de-bagging lines
-Bigbag discharge stations

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