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Dust control is something that should be left to the experts, because every dust type has a different characteristic. Dust can be sticky or dry, but also explosive or hazardous to health. Dust can also be valuable and, therefore, there is a need for it to be recovered. These are all factors that must be investigated by people with experience and knowledge of dust control in order for the correct dust control system to be determined.

Dust control is applied in all sectors of the industry. This means that the number of options with regard to filtration equipment and the filter medium used within this context are very extensive. Only the combination of these 2 factors will provide the required result. Selecting the correct configuration for your specific dust control issue is something in which the DCP benelux experts have more than proven themselves.

DCP benelux does not just limit itself to supplying a dust control filter, but also executes full turnkey dust control projects. Together with you, we will search for sustainable solutions for your specific dust problem. Custom-made solutions are always the standard.

DCP benelux is a tradename of Dust Control Partners b.v. and member of the TBK group b.v.
TBK group members: TBK spillage control, IFE bulk benelux and DCP benelux.

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