Last spring, Vortex consulted with a horse feed producer to assist with a process need. At this facility, the client is producing forage cubes. Upstream in the process, bales of hay are broken down and minor ingredients are added before the raw materials are formed into cubes (approximate size: 75 – 100 mm square). Once formed, the cubes are transferred into cloth silos. Below each silo, a common belt conveyor transfers forage cubes to a packaging line, where they are loaded into bulk bags. Vortex was tasked with identifying a solution for discharging forage cubes out of the cloth silos, down onto the belt conveyor. Primarily, the client is concerned with forage cube quality and thus, the cubes cannot be damaged upon gate closure. Upon careful analysis of the application, the Vortex Roller Gate was recommended. The client sourced this small-batch order as part of the “proofing” stage of its new production process. Now installed in their application, the Vortex Roller Gates have exceeded the client’s expectations for quality and performance. More specifically, the client is pleased that the Vortex Roller Gates do not damage the forage cubes upon gate closure. In fact, the client has since specified the Vortex Roller Gate as its standard for this application. By year-end 2019, the facility will have Vortex Roller Gates on each of their 79 production lines.

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