With this setup, Poeth is the first system integrator / machine builder in the Benelux that can perform endurance tests at 0-120 m3 / hour. Poeth Solids Processing is currently building a test set-up in which powders and granulates can be tested in a closed loop. The setup has two sides: - (Duration) Testing various machines for feasibility, such as drum screen, continuous mixer, vibrating screen, continuous coater, crusher, etc. - Testing with Z / C-Conveyor Testing with Z / C-Conveyor The conveyor is used in very diverse industries and applications. With the setup, various critical matters can be tested, such as e.g. : - sticky - abrasive - watery - sensitive to segregation - sensitive to bridging -contamination The Z / C-Conveyor is modular, and is a.d.v. the tests determined the correct configuration. A digital showdown provides additional insight into the behavior of the conveyor with various products. Testing with other machines If you want to buy a machine but are unsure about the feasible capacity? Then it is now possible to test this in advance. We are also willing to examine third-party machines to see what the options are for carrying out an endurance test. The set-up will be ready for use in approx. 2 months. Please contact us if you wish to have a test carried out.

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