Poeth is currently realizing a project for the chemical industry, which includes 2 cooling mixers. The cooling mixers have a dual function: - (continuous) mixing of a 2 raw materials into a homogeneous mixture - cooling the mixture back to 50 gr. C Both the axles and the body are cooled for cooling. Because the shafts are equipped with overlapping paddles, a homogeneous cooling of the product is created in addition to a homogeneous mixture. Because the inlet temperature of 1 of the raw materials exceeds 180 gr. C, the product touching parts are made of a heat-resistant stainless steel 310 version. The whole is in an acidic environment, hence the machines are externally provided with a 6-layer C5I coating, making it extra resistant to corrosion of the RVS310 and RVS316L parts. A calculation model is available to calculate the cooling capacity. Furthermore, a lab-scale analysis system is available to determine the specific heat of the product. Often this information is not available to customers. Certainly not when it comes to mixtures of various products. In this way, important parameters can be determined relatively quickly on the basis of a sample. Poeth also has several options for cooling powders: Indirect cooling in cooling bunker Aeration bottom ensures very efficient cooling with a relatively long residence time. The aeration fabric consists of a special aramid fiber membrane which is resistant to high temperatures. Example: Process type: Batch Product: Zinc oxide Batch size: 150 kg Residence time: 15 min Temp in: 260 ° C Temp off: 60 ° C Direct cooling in Z-Conveyor. Cold air can be cooled back during the long residence time by means of an aeration bottom. Top filters are provided on the top, which separate the product from the air and return it to the same conveyor after pulsing Example: Process type: continuous Product: Calf milk powders Batch size: 7,500 kg / hour Temp in: 70 ° C Temp off: 40 ° C Direct cooling in pneumatic transport The powders are introduced into the transport system by means of a passage. By transporting with cool air, a very efficient cooling is realized. The residence time, on the other hand, is relatively short. The product is transported at approx. 25 m / s and is often in the cooling process in a few seconds. Example: Process type: continuous Product: Dextrin Batch size: 500 kg / hour Temp in: 180 ° C Temp off: 40 ° C

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