Poeth Solids Processing recently realized a project for food extrudates. The end product serves as the basis for the crispy exterior of the oven croquette. The crispy and crispy crust that creaks when you put your teeth in it. Crispy on the outside, delicious on the inside. Process The raw material is fed to an extruder by means of gravimetric feeders. Subsequently, the product is processed by means of a coarse crusher broken into coarse grained extrudates. The extrudate is then dosed from Big-Bag unloading systems by means of special dosing valves onto a Z-Band without fractures with a capacity of 20 m3 / hour. The system then feeds the packaging machine. However, in order to guarantee an optimal end product, the client has drawn up a package of requirements. Package of requirements - Brack-free dosing and transport - Simple and quick to clean - Extrudate is abrasive - Automatic air cleaning by means of air blade. - Wet to clean - Capacity minimum: 20 m3 / hour - Atex safe - Limited height available - Customization / specific desired details Z-Band fulfills all demands The Z-Band carries the product upwards at an angle of approximately 35 degrees towards the packaging machine. Poeth Solids Processing has been building powder and solids transport systems since its foundation in 1921, and now has a very wide range of solutions. Various alternatives have been thoroughly examined such as: pneumatic transport, belt elevator, screw transport, Z-Band transport, Z -Conveyor. In doing so, the Z-Band best fulfilled the above package of requirements. A special platform has been designed by Poeth, which is provided on the side of the tire for safe cleaning and optimal ergonomics

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